Engine Diagnostics in Northampton

NDG has invested in the very latest diagnostic equipment and training to keep up with the ever-changing technology on today’s motor vehicle.

In addition to the Bosch KTS system and Autologic, we currently use many manufacturer systems which include interfacing with the manufacturer for software downloads and programming new components.

Having the ability to utilise dealer equipment and information puts us on a level footing with main dealers and being able to access detailed information like wiring diagrams repair manuals manufacturer technical bulletins security information and digital service history to name a few.

We cover the following manufacturers:

BMW OSS system

VAG Odis system

Ford IDS and Etis

Vauxhall Tech3 and InfoTech

Jaguar Land Rover  Topix

With Mercedes soon to follow we have excellent coverage on all other makes with Bosch KTS Easitronic and our other generic systems.

Many other pieces of equipment too numerous to list give us the ability to correctly diagnose todays modern vehicle systems.

Having the prerequisite equipment to talk to your vehicle is one thing but having the skills and knowledge is equally important. All of our technicians are having ongoing training from our Mastertech to our newly qualified technician and we are lucky to have a purpose-built training centre on site, AUTO I Q . Which provides us with a full range of technical courses that benefits NDG`s staff, giving them access to the very best in automotive training.


We are able to offer a code read service on a while you wait basis and we will give you a record of fault codes stored and an explanation of its meaning and its effect on the vehicle which we can do for £30.00 inclusive of vat.

This may not give you a definitive answer as to why the warning lights are on or why the vehicle is not performing correctly. This may not show any faults at all or the fault codes may be of a general nature rather than component specific. This is why we encourage customers to have the more detailed diagnostic service we offer, which entails an hour of our mastertechs time in which he will carry out a full vehicle scan check for software updates, check for manufacturer technical bulletins, known faults and fixes. Inspection of components and wiring. He will check for previous repairs and signs of damage. This is charged at £90.00 (inc VAT)

If the fault is of an intermittent nature or requires further diagnostic tests we will be able to make a diagnostic plan to resolve the problem.

Many faults will be cured within that hour and if not we will be able to provide you with a detailed plan and course of action to ensure a correct diagnosis and relevant costs.

Do you have a ‘warning light’ illuminated on your dashboard?

New Duston Garage can provide a Diagnostic health check while ‘u’ wait.


We can diagnose and repair a range of problems at NDG Northamptonshire.

  • Poor performance
  • High fuel consumption
  • Anti-lock braking
  • Engine misfire
  • MOT testing failure
  • Airbags
  • High fuel consumption
  • Engine management light on
  • Poor starting
  • Fuel injection
  • Electronic diesel control

We ensure that every car gets:

  • Better performance
  • Reduced Emissions
  • Better Economy
  • Reliability

Code Read & Scan

£38.75 plus VAT

  • Technician reads and stored fault codes
  • A simple code read will tell us any stored fault codes in the vehicle
  • However, it may not be able to correctly determine the faults
  • Some codes are general and may not component specific (i.e. low fuel pressure)

Comprehensive Diagnostic Check

£77.50 plus VAT

  • 1 hour of Diagnostic Technician’s time
  • Check codes
  • Check for manufacturers software updates
  • Check for manufacturers bulletins, known faults and fixes
  • Full inspection of components and wiring
  • If fault is intermittent or requires further repairs, we will be able to make a diagnostic plan to resolve the problems
  • Many faults me be cured with the hour