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audi service northampton

Audi Service Northampton

Need an Audi Northampton service? Your search ends here. At New Duston Garage, we pride ourselves on being a leading independent garage focusing on Audi servicing. Our skilled team is highly experienced in servicing all Audis, covering a range of models from diesel to electric and from manual to automatic.


Save ££s off your Audi Service compared to dealership prices.

  • Exceptional Value – You always get better than dealership value with us.
  • Genuine Audi Components – We only use authentic Audi or top-quality alternative parts on your Audi, ensuring quality.
  • 12-month Guarantee – Enjoy a 12-month guarantee on all parts and labour.
  • Maintain Audi Warranty – Your Audi warranty is preserved.
  • 0% Finance – Manage your repair costs with our repayment plans.
  • Free Delivery & Collection Service – Available for your convenience.
  • Better Google Rating - Our Google rating exceeds the main Audi Northampton dealership.
  • Audi Specialists - Our experts can work on any Audi model, solving all your issues.
audi service northampton

Book your Audi Northampton service today at New Duston Garage.

Audi experts - specialist technicians

New Duston Garage stands out for its team of Audi specialist technicians, each with a deep understanding of all Audi vehicles. They’ve got the skills and experience needed to tackle any issue your Audi may face.

Whether it’s regular Audi servicing or specialised procedures like turbo inspections, our team is at your service.

As dedicated Audi specialists in the local area, we ensure that every repair, service, and maintenance job is performed using genuine Audi parts or equivalent high-quality alternatives. Importantly, all our work preserves your Audi’s warranty.

audi service northampton

What happens during an Audi service? What do you check/replace?


Lighting & Visibility: We thoroughly examine your Audi’s lighting system to ensure peak performance. This check extends to your windows, wipers, and mirrors, looking out for any damage or weak spots and confirming that your Audi registration plates are clearly visible and securely fixed.


Under Bonnet: Our under-bonnet inspection looks for leaks or faults while ensuring smooth operation. If necessary, components like drive belts, air filters, oil filters, and spark plugs are replaced. Book your Audi Northampton service today.


Vehicle Interior: We rigorously test your Audi’s seat belts against current safety standards. All internal controls, including your Audi’s hazard lights, indicators and horn, are thoroughly checked for optimal function. Our experts perform a full system diagnostic to guarantee your air conditioning’s efficiency and address any warning signals, updating your driver displays when needed.


Steering, Drive & Suspension: We evaluate your wheel alignment, joints, wheel bearings, and gaiters to ensure durability and proper functionality. The performance of your Audi road springs and shock absorbers are also tested. For all your comprehensive Audi Northampton service needs, contact New Duston Garage.


Braking: Our team carries out an in-depth inspection of your Audi’s braking system, conforming to the latest safety standards. This allows us to provide a detailed review of their condition and lifespan. Book your Audi Northampton service appointment today.


Under Vehicle: During our under-vehicle inspection, we remove your Audi’s trays, drain the engine oil, and examine your transmission for signs of wear like corrosion, leaks, or rust. For exceptional Audi servicing, reach out to New Duston Garage.


Tyre Inspection: We inspect your wheels and wheel nuts for any signs of corrosion or weakness, check tyre treads for excessive wear, and adjust tyre pressures as needed. Your Audi’s inflation kit or spare wheel condition is also evaluated.


Final Checks: Our final checks include testing key fluids like your antifreeze and brake fluid. Once we refill your engine with fresh oil, we’ll update your service history. Don’t delay; book your Audi Northampton service with us today.

Book your Audi Northampton service today at New Duston Garage.

What type of service does my Audi need?

Each vehicle, like your Audi, comes with its specific servicing requirements and a tailored servicing schedule.

Generally, the details regarding your Audi’s servicing can be found in your vehicle handbook. The newer models are often equipped with a dashboard indicator to alert you when it’s time for your next service.

Should you have difficulty accessing this information or need help, our team of Audi service experts is here to assist.

Book your Audi Northampton service at New Duston Garage today.

audi service northampton

Why should I service my Audi?


Safety: Ignoring even minor issues could risk your Audi’s safety; these issues can worsen over time. During every Audi service, our experts follow Audi’s manufacturer guidelines to ensure your vehicle is in top condition. Keep your Audi safe; book your Audi Northampton service today.


Reliability: Consistent servicing is crucial to keep your Audi reliable. Our Audi Northampton service helps ensure your vehicle remains dependable, reducing the chances of frequent repairs. Enhance your Audi’s reliability; call New Duston Garage.


Endurance: Regular Audi servicing plays a vital role in maintaining your vehicle’s peak performance while reducing wear and tear. Boost your Audi’s efficiency, fuel economy, and longevity by arranging your Audi service. Call our Audi specialists at New Duston Garage today.


Savings: By identifying potential issues early, our Audi Northampton service helps prevent them from escalating into major and costly problems. Consistent servicing can shield you from unnecessary future repair costs. Call New Duston Garage today and avoid expensive future repairs.

How will I be kept informed on the progress of my Audi service?

New Duston Garage is committed to being honest and transparent from the moment you arrive.

After the preliminary inspection of your Audi, our team will call you to go over our findings. We’ll discuss any recommended work and develop a plan which suits your needs.

Rest assured, no repairs will begin without your approval. You maintain complete control throughout the process.

Keep yourself informed and involved with our Audi Northampton service; contact New Duston Garage today.

Book your Audi Northampton service today at New Duston Garage.

Additional benefits of choosing New Duston Garage:

Delivery & Collection

Can’t get here? Our free collection and delivery service can help. Call our team today and ask about it.

Finance Payment Plans

Split the cost of your Audi repair bill with our finance payment plans. Ask our team for more details when you book.

Where can I find you?

We’re only 15 minutes from the centre of Northampton; you’ll find us conveniently located on Harlestone Road.

Why navigate the busy town centre to reach the main Audi Northampton dealership when you can bypass the traffic and head to us?

Skip the traffic and get better than dealership value with us. Call New Duston Garage today for all your Audi Northampton service needs.

audi service northampton

Our client reviews


    26th February 2024

    Superb service as usual from these guys and gals. Been using for 3 years and always on point, reliable and courteous. Job came in under the quoted amount and had no hesitation passing on the saving unlike some others. Top work!

  • R Coleman

    12th February 2024

    Excellent overall service from NDG.
    Matt was particularly professional, informative and very helpful.

  • Dave Haddon

    12th February 2024

    Excellent service, very friendly and professional, thoroughly recommended

  • Cheryl Russell

    2nd February 2024

    Excellent service, gave me reasonable quote for the work and kept me appraised at every step. These guys will not rip you off and they do a great job.

    Updated review - bought my new car in following a fuel issue, they let us drop the car off early and actually got to the car before it was due, they did a great job.

    These guys are efficient, trustworthy and good value for money, I... Read More

  • Jane Wade

    24th January 2024

    Experts who care about service. Highly recommended.

  • Steve “Dodge” Lord

    12th January 2024

    Great communication on the engine fault , cost and expected time frame to complete was fantastic. I cannot fault the Team and service I always receive at NDG, I wouldn't use anyone else.
    Many Thanks Again.

  • Helen Gardner

    3rd January 2024

    I've always found them to provide an excellent service and to be very helpful and accommodating. They are upfront about pricing, with options for cheaper and more expensive parts.

  • Thomas Gray

    28th December 2023

    This garage has been superb, I've used them for three different cars and their professionalism is excellent. They have been very hospitable and understanding when accommodating me. They go the extra proverbial mile, you always get a comprehensive report from them. They are not the cheapest but you get top quality service and quality parts. They are also totally honest, unlike a number of... Read More

  • Hilary Bell

    7th December 2023

    NDG is very professional and transparent, and the staff are very pleasant. Would definitely recommend them.

  • Suzanne Pegg

    1st December 2023

    Fitted me in very quickly and repaired within 24 hours as a part was need. Excellent service, thank you.

  • richard westbrook

    21st November 2023

    NDG are a well managed garage the staff are happy, helpful, and polite the work is done at a high quality and standard and not to expensive i would say average for a garage but you get the bonus of friendly staff and the high standards i give them a 10/10

  • Hollie Eloise

    15th November 2023

    I have been using this garage for the last 2 years for service and MOT, both experiences have been 10/10 they have been friendly, great communication and any repairs I needed were done in a very quick turnaround.

  • Tracie May

    9th October 2023

    I have been meaning to post a review for ages now. I have been using the garage for about 5 years now and I wouldn't go anywhere else. Wonderful team, very professional and great customer service. I had an issue recently with my car and they fixed it quickly despite being very busy at the time. This has happened before too. They will always contact you to inform you what work needs to be done... Read More

  • Daniel Wood

    20th May 2023

    Been meaning to drop these guys a positive review for ages now. Moved to Duston nearly 5 years ago and have been using them ever since. They’ve always been great, quick, good prices, friendly. A solid local garage all round for someone who doesn’t really get how cars actually work. A review prompted by some minor, non-essential work needing doing and I didn’t even think to check anywhere... Read More

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