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diagnostics northampton

Diagnostics Northampton

New Duston Garage has made significant investments in cutting-edge diagnostic equipment and training to stay abreast of the constantly evolving technology in modern vehicles.

We mainly use dealer diagnostic platforms and equipment, backed up with a number of generic tools including Autel and Autologic. This allows us not only to interface with manufacturers for software downloads but also to program new components effectively.

With access to dealer equipment and comprehensive information, we stand on par with main dealers. This grants us the ability to retrieve detailed information such as wiring diagrams, repair manuals, manufacturer technical bulletins, security data, and digital service histories, among other critical data.

diagnostics northampton

Can you diagnose all brands?

We have an extensive range of diagnostic systems, ensuring comprehensive coverage across all major makes. This includes dealer diagnostic platforms and equipment, along with a number of generic tools and various other specialised equipment. These tools enable us to accurately diagnose the complex systems found in today’s modern vehicles.

We work with a range of advanced automotive diagnostic systems, including:

  • BMW OSS system
  • VAG Odis system
  • Ford IDS and Etis
  • Vauxhall Tech3 and InfoTech
  • Jaguar Land Rover Topix
diagnostics northampton

Training Excellence at NDG

While having the necessary equipment to communicate with your vehicle is crucial, possessing the skills and knowledge is equally paramount.

Our entire team, from our experienced Mastertech to our freshly qualified technicians, undergoes continuous training.

We’re fortunate to have a dedicated training center right on site — AutoiQ.

This center offers a comprehensive array of technical courses that greatly benefit our NDG staff, granting them access to top-notch automotive training.

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What diagnostics services can you offer me?

We provide a code read service for while you wait, but please ensure you book an appointment with us beforehand. This offers a record of fault codes and their explanations. Please note, this may not provide a definitive answer to warning lights or performance issues, as codes can be general.

For a comprehensive diagnosis, we recommend our detailed diagnostic service. Our Mastertech conducts a thorough vehicle scan, checking for updates, technical bulletins, known faults, and more. This hour-long service includes component and wiring inspections.

If the issue persists or needs further testing, we’ll create a diagnostic plan. Most faults are resolved within this hour. If not, we’ll provide a detailed plan and associated costs for further diagnosis and resolution.

diagnostics northampton

At NDG Northamptonshire, we specialise in diagnosing and resolving various car issues, including:

  • Poor performance
  • High fuel consumption
  • Anti-lock braking concerns
  • Engine misfires
  • MOT emission failures
  • Airbag issues
  • Engine management light alerts
  • Poor starting
  • Fuel injection troubles
  • Electronic diesel control challenges

Code read & scan

Our technician conducts a diagnostic check by reading and storing fault codes from the vehicle. This process involves performing a simple code read, which reveals any stored fault codes.

However, it’s important to note that while this procedure provides insight into potential issues, it may not always accurately pinpoint the specific faults present in the vehicle.

Some fault codes retrieved during this process can be rather general and not entirely component-specific. For instance, a code indicating low fuel pressure might not precisely identify the exact component causing the issue.

Comprehensive diagnostics check

Our Diagnostic Technician devotes one hour to conduct a comprehensive assessment, which includes checking codes, searching for manufacturers’ software updates, examining manufacturers’ bulletins for known faults and fixes, and thoroughly inspecting components and wiring.

This thorough evaluation aims to address a wide range of potential issues within the vehicle.

If the fault is intermittent or necessitates further repairs beyond the hour, we’re equipped to devise a detailed diagnostic plan to effectively resolve the problems. Often, many faults are successfully addressed within this hour-long diagnostic session.

Our client reviews

  • Janet Watson

    19th June 2024

    I had a mot and service at NDG the experience was very smooth from start to finish. Prices very competitive, This garage is excellent.

  • Andrew Hemming

    14th June 2024

    Great garage, would recommend, have been fair, honest and competent with all repairs/work carried out on my vehicle.

  • Martin Roberts

    13th June 2024

    More than happy with the work carried out , everyone has been amazing, will be recommending them , my car runs without fault now , NDG take great care and pride in their work , thankyou you are amazing people.

  • Vinay Kansara

    8th June 2024

    I contacted the garage on short notice for a repair, after them being recommended to me by another local garage. They luckily had a spot available in the week. The garage was always very polite and had great communication to let me know what the situation was with my car. The technician took the time to explain what the problem was and they also charged me a reasonable price.

  • Barry Smith

    7th June 2024

    They do everything a main dealer does but for a lot less just had them serviced and MOT my Jaguar XE for half the price the main dealer charged me last year very friendly staff will be taking my car back again

  • Lee Gower

    4th May 2024

    Always great service from the guys on the front desk and high quality work from the workshop

  • veronica capitanu

    25th April 2024

    A wonderful garage to use
    Been using for 2 years always spot on with diagnosis
    Very polite and helpful when you booking
    Taking time to check and fix

  • Louise Hopper

    20th April 2024

    A wonderful garage to use, great honest hardworking people. Never any issues. Always spot on with diagnosis..
    Thank you Louise @
    Crystal Motors

  • Alan Bosworth

    16th April 2024

    Great Customer Service, very polite & helpfull, when booking our car in for a mot and full service. Very professional company.


    26th February 2024

    Superb service as usual from these guys and gals. Been using for 3 years and always on point, reliable and courteous. Job came in under the quoted amount and had no hesitation passing on the saving unlike some others. Top work!

  • R Coleman

    12th February 2024

    Excellent overall service from NDG.
    Matt was particularly professional, informative and very helpful.

  • Dave Haddon

    12th February 2024

    Excellent service, very friendly and professional, thoroughly recommended

  • Cheryl Russell

    2nd February 2024

    Excellent service, gave me reasonable quote for the work and kept me appraised at every step. These guys will not rip you off and they do a great job.

    Updated review - bought my new car in following a fuel issue, they let us drop the car off early and actually got to the car before it was due, they did a great job.

    These guys are efficient, trustworthy and good value for money, I... Read More

  • Jane Wade

    24th January 2024

    Experts who care about service. Highly recommended.

  • Steve “Dodge” Lord

    12th January 2024

    Great communication on the engine fault , cost and expected time frame to complete was fantastic. I cannot fault the Team and service I always receive at NDG, I wouldn't use anyone else.
    Many Thanks Again.

  • Helen Gardner

    3rd January 2024

    I've always found them to provide an excellent service and to be very helpful and accommodating. They are upfront about pricing, with options for cheaper and more expensive parts.

  • Thomas Gray

    28th December 2023

    This garage has been superb, I've used them for three different cars and their professionalism is excellent. They have been very hospitable and understanding when accommodating me. They go the extra proverbial mile, you always get a comprehensive report from them. They are not the cheapest but you get top quality service and quality parts. They are also totally honest, unlike a number of... Read More

  • Hilary Bell

    7th December 2023

    NDG is very professional and transparent, and the staff are very pleasant. Would definitely recommend them.

  • Suzanne Pegg

    1st December 2023

    Fitted me in very quickly and repaired within 24 hours as a part was need. Excellent service, thank you.

  • richard westbrook

    21st November 2023

    NDG are a well managed garage the staff are happy, helpful, and polite the work is done at a high quality and standard and not to expensive i would say average for a garage but you get the bonus of friendly staff and the high standards i give them a 10/10

  • Hollie Eloise

    15th November 2023

    I have been using this garage for the last 2 years for service and MOT, both experiences have been 10/10 they have been friendly, great communication and any repairs I needed were done in a very quick turnaround.

  • Tracie May

    9th October 2023

    I have been meaning to post a review for ages now. I have been using the garage for about 5 years now and I wouldn't go anywhere else. Wonderful team, very professional and great customer service. I had an issue recently with my car and they fixed it quickly despite being very busy at the time. This has happened before too. They will always contact you to inform you what work needs to be done... Read More

  • Daniel Wood

    20th May 2023

    Been meaning to drop these guys a positive review for ages now. Moved to Duston nearly 5 years ago and have been using them ever since. They’ve always been great, quick, good prices, friendly. A solid local garage all round for someone who doesn’t really get how cars actually work. A review prompted by some minor, non-essential work needing doing and I didn’t even think to check anywhere... Read More

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